Legionella Training Recommended
for Health Departments


LAMPS Standard Training Bundle

  • LAMPS Training Articles: Click-to answers on more than 100 Legionella and water management topics
  • Video: ANSI/ASHRAE 188-2015: Responsibilities, Liability, and Opportunities
  • Video: Following ASHRAE 188 with Limited Time, Money, and Personnel: Pressure for Building Operators and Health Officials
  • Video: Seven Keys for Success in Setting up a Water Management Program
  • Video: Seven More Keys to Success with Water Management Programs
  • Video: Faucet Aerators and Legionella: Data and Factors to Consider
  • Video: Lessons to Learn from UCSF Medical Center on Executing a Water Management Program
  • Video: Interpreting Legionella Test Results: Case Studies to Illustrate Key Criteria
  • Video: Crucial Limitations of Managing Building Water Systems Based on Legionella Amplification
  • Video: Legionella Remediation: Checklist for Responding to Test Results
  • Answer to question “What are some of the common problem areas that may need point of use filters?”
  • Answer to question “What are limitations to interpreting Legionella test results based solely on the concentration per sample?”
  • Answer to question “What does non-pneumophila Legionella Species refer to?”
  • Answer to question “What domestic water disinfection technology do you recommend?”

e-Learning Courses 401-404, the Series “Sampling Water Systems to Validate Legionella Control”

e-Learning Course 105, “Auditing Water Management Programs: 7 Key Metrics To Quickly Measure Quality, Performance, and Risk”

e-Learning course 321: Building Water Systems 101

e-Learning course 322: Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease in New Buildings: Key Measures During Design and Construction

e-Learning course 323: Responding to Incidents and Managing Temporary Shutdowns to Minimize Legionella Risk Associated with Plumbing Systems

e-Learning course 327: Stagnation in Plumbing Systems: Smart Solutions to Five Common Problems

e-Learning course 501: Legionella, Temperature, and Disinfectant Analytics for Smarter Management of Plumbing Systems