Facilities Management

Designing, Operating and Maintaining Building Water Systems to Minimize Legionella Risk

Earn continuing education credit – your certificate will include your name, the course title, and the approximate time required to complete the course. The courses have been approved for continuing education units (CEUs) by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) and the Water Quality Association (WQA), and for ASSE 12080 certification training.


“Matt Freije’s online course ‘Water Temperatures and Legionella in Plumbing Systems’ is a must-view for facility managers unfamiliar with the topic. Mr. Freije is one of the leading authorities on the subject of Legionella control. One would be hard pressed to acquire this information from a more credible source.”
Timothy Allinson


Self-paced. Available online 24/7 for 12 months. Includes downloadable worksheets and certificates upon completion.


Course 301: Water Temperatures and Legionella in Plumbing Systems

Course 301 will give you important details about setting and maintaining water temperatures and fixing water temperature problems – so you can do your job better and more easily. Earn 0.20 CEU with the Water Quality Association (WQA). Allow two hours. $137.

Find out about:

  • Considerations for target temperatures
  • Mixing valves: Strategies, types, and before-you-buy considerations
  • Checking temperatures: Why, where, what, frequency, and how
  • Performance limits: What your temperature readings can tell you
  • Ten conditions that can cause temperature problems




Course 321: Building Water Systems 101

Earn 0.15 CEU with the Water Quality Association (WQA). Allow 90 minutes. $97.

In meetings or conference calls, have you ever heard a discussion about water system components and wondered, what is that? What does it do? What’s it look like? Even worse, maybe you were asked about a device you hadn’t heard of. If you have a part in water management for pathogen control and don’t have a basic understanding of building water systems, then this course is for you. Matt Freije shows pictures of key components of plumbing systems and cooling towers, uses a simple diagram to explain where they are typically located in a building, and discusses what they do.




Course 322: Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease in New Buildings: Key Measures During Design and Construction

Earn 0.25 CEU with the Water Quality Association (WQA). Allow 2 hours. $97.

Missed opportunities to minimize Legionella risk during design and construction have resulted in Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks. And poor design decisions can impact risk indefinitely unless costly changes are made to correct the problems. Find out key Legionella preventive measures to take during design, construction, and commissioning for plumbing systems, cooling towers, and other equipment.




Course 323: Responding to Incidents and Managing Temporary Shutdowns to Minimize Legionella Risk Associated with Plumbing Systems

Earn 0.20 CEU with the Water Quality Association (WQA). Allow 2 hours. $97.

Planning for system shutdowns and responding quickly and properly to unplanned events can prevent Legionnaires’ disease. In this course, you’ll hear Matt Freije discuss specific steps to take in response to water main breaks, partial or total building plumbing system shutdowns of various durations, discolored water and other incidents that can result in Legionella spikes and cases of Legionnaires’ disease.

Matt Freije also discusses a decision making flow chart for managing temporary plumbing system shutdowns and periods of little or no water use in a significant portion of a building. He reviews a sample plan considering key factors such as the duration of the shutdown, regulations for secondary disinfection, extent of the shutdown area, and configuration of the plumbing system.




Course 327: Stagnation in Plumbing Systems: Smart Solutions to Five Common Problems

Earn 0.15 CEU with the Water Quality Association (WQA). Allow 90 minutes. $97.

Many Legionella guidelines and publications recommend minimizing “dead legs” – or stagnation in general – without defining specific problems and solutions. In this course, Matt Freije summarizes what guidelines say about stagnation, discusses scientific evidence, and illustrates practical solutions to seven common but often unrecognized problems that can promote Legionella in plumbing systems.



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