Water Management Program Software

Reduce the risk of disease from your building water systems — and stay in Legionella compliance – easily, successfully, and intelligently.


Water Management Program Software

Manage your building water systems to minimize pathogen risk and stay in Legionella compliance – easily, successfully, and intelligently.


We know you want to protect people from Legionella and other waterborne pathogens, reduce legal risk, and comply with regulations— but you have limited time, money, and expertise.

Our cloud-based application, “LAMPS,” gives you easy tools for success with ASHRAE 188 water management programs (WMPs) so you can minimize risk and stay in Legionella compliance without wasting time or overpaying.

Water Management Training

You can become an ASSE 12080 certified Legionella Water Safety and Management Specialist AND a certified Building Water System Operator through EOCP with one set of online courses that are available 24/7–on your schedule, at your pace. If you don’t need certification, purchase only the courses you need.

Water Management Plans

LAMPS makes it easy to create and update a water management plan with comprehensive and defensible policies and procedures. Data analytics, built-in explanations and help notes, and tools for documentation, reporting, auditing, and notifications help you succeed with your WMP, and save you time.

Leading Facilities and Health Departments Trust LAMPS

Letter from Reid Health

Confidence for CMS QSO-17-30 Audits

What Reid Health wrote in a thank-you letter to a LAMPS WMP Partner

“Our auditor commented that our hospital was one of two that she had reviewed that had a “complete” water management plan covering all the required criteria as specified by CMS. She stated that most water management plans do not come close to being complete which makes this one stand out. …Thanks so much for bringing the LAMPS Program to us!”  Signed by Jeff Cook, Director of Engineering and Don Burk, Manager of Facilities Services

LAMPS Water Management Programs are…


Defensibility Icon


The 10,000-plus LAMPS users include government health officials, facilities management personnel, and water experts. Continuous “peer review” makes your WMP more credible and defensible. With the LAMPS audit tool, you can prove your WMP is comprehensive, up to date, and on schedule – with metrics that are objective and quantifiable.



LAMPS makes it easy to create and perform a WMP. You have full control to customize, edit, document, report, and update your WMP. Notifications remind your team of control measures needing attention. Training is built in, just a click away, giving you quick answers right where and when you need them.



LAMPS data analytics enables you to pinpoint and solve problems quickly, without overspending. System monitoring and notifications help you predict and avoid problems altogether. Control measures are comprehensive, cost-effective, and country/state/province-specific. Step-by-step roadmaps help you avoid mistakes.

What LAMPS Users Are Saying

Russel Nassof, Esq., Attorney, Executive Vice President, RiskNomics

“We have found the WMPs developed by HC Info to meet all the requirements of both the insured and the insurance company. The plans are cost competitive, comprehensive, and meet the regulatory as well as the user requirements.”

— Russel Nassof, Esq., Attorney, Executive Vice President, RiskNomics

Jonathan Lewis, Klickitat Valley Health

“The LAMPS software was a godsend
for us.”

— Jonathan Lewis, Klickitat Valley Health

Diane Miskowski, MPH, Legionella Subject Matter Expert, EMSL Analytical, Inc.

“Exactly what is needed. I will sure be recommending that industrial hygienists, water treaters and others getting into sampling for Legionella join your LAMPS program and take the courses!!”

— Diane Miskowski, MPH, Legionella Subject Matter Expert, EMSL Analytical, Inc.

Jonathan Lewis, Klickitat Valley Health

“LAMPS is an incredibly valuable resource for all of our healthcare facilities. The platform is easy to learn and use and allows teams to organize all pertinent information in one centralized place. The training materials are in depth, helpful, and easy to find and the LAMPS customer service is exemplary – I always receive an immediate, friendly, and helpful response to questions or issues. LAMPS is a program that I highly recommend to all similar facilities!”

— Heather Wilson, Senior Operations Analyst, CBRE Healthcare

Diane Miskowski, MPH, Legionella Subject Matter Expert, EMSL Analytical, Inc.

“HC Info’s LAMPS program is a great way for engineers to get a better understanding of how to mitigate Legionella growth in a plumbing system. The sessions had content that were good for entry level engineers all the way up to experienced engineers. I came away with a few different ideas of how I’d modify my design approach to further mitigate Legionella risk. Thanks again for being willing to work with our ASPE Chapter to get this much needed training to our members!”

— Christoph Lohr, PE, CPD, LEED AP BD+C, ASSE 6020


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