HC Info Partners

Become a LAMPS Partner

LAMPS Partners are water treatment companies, engineering firms, industrial hygiene firms, and consultants that are authorized to purchase and set up LAMPS Water Management Plans (WMPs) and/or Validation Data Analytics (VDA).

Partners must complete training, and they have access to HC Info’s technical support, but HC Info does not certify Partners or guarantee the quality of their work.

In less than two weeks, you can be ready to help your customers control Legionella risk and comply with CMS, ASHRAE Standard 188, and Joint Commission requirements.

The LAMPS cloud-based software and HC Info’s training, survey forms, estimating spreadsheet, sample proposal, selling tools, analytics, and technical support make it easy for you to…

  • Provide Legionella water management plans (WMPs) that are comprehensive, highly credible, unbiased, and defensible.
  • Train your field personnel to survey facilities and set up WMPs.
  • Maintain control of your customer but reduce your risk, cost, and time.
  • Provide WMPs at a great price whether your customer has one building or multiple locations.
  • Make smart recommendations about responding to Legionella and other test results.
2019 Supplier of the Year Award Given by by Association of Water Technologies