How to Successfully Minimize Risk

Follow the path to success in minimizing risk associated with building water systems in your facility.

Step 1: Stay Informed

Stay informed about outbreaks, guidelines, scientific findings, events, and learning opportunities.

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Step 2: Have a Plan

Establish a comprehensive, defensible water management plan (WMP) in LAMPS. One of our WMP Partners can help you set it up.

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Step 3: Implementation

Start implementing and documenting your WMP. LAMPS makes it easy.

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Step 4: Train Personnel

Train well. Have your personnel go through e-Learning courses 321, 322, 323, and 327 about facilities management related to Legionella (free for your WMP team members), watch LAMPS videos, read the training notes, and participate in LAMPS webinars.

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Step 5: Conduct Testing

Test water systems properly to validate Legionella control. Take e-Learning Courses 401-404 to select the right sample types and locations, collect samples properly, correctly interpret the test results, and make good decisions — even if you hire a consultant to collect the samples.

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Step 6: Track Results

Use LAMPS Analytics for smart remediation. Go through e-Learning course 501. Enter Legionella, disinfectant (e.g., chlorine), and temperature results in the data entry forms and then review summary tables and graphs.

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