Industrial Hygiene Firms

Industrial Hygiene Firms

If your company offers sampling services, particularly for Legionella, you can become an HC Info VDA Partner and use LAMPS Validation Data Analytics (VDA) for Legionella and other microbial results.

With LAMPS Validation Data Analytics, you can make smarter recommendations to your clients — and help them make better decisions for their facilities. You can set up the VDA for your client and then have them enter data on their own. Or you can enter data for them. You get up to 7 users per VDA Site so both you and your facility customer can access the database and reports.

We provide a list of VDA Partners to people who ask for sampling services.

Industrial hygiene firms that have familiarity with building water systems and would like to set up water management programs for facilities can also apply to become HC Info authorized WMP Partners.

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