Solutions for Government

Recommendations for Environmental Protection Departments, Public Health Agencies, and Building Codes Groups:

Train environmental health specialists, epidemiologists, inspectors, microbiologists, and engineers so you are prepared to:

  • Confidently recommend or require the best action steps following a case of disease associated with a building water system.
  • Inspect buildings thoroughly
  • Evaluate supplemental disinfection plans and procedures

LAMPS has a training program specifically for health departments and other government agencies.

The LAMPS online Legionella training courses are approved for ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Standard 12080 Legionella certification and EOCP Building Water System Operator certification.

LAMPS Training Notes give click-to answers to questions and solutions to problems with Legionella and other waterborne pathogens in building water systems.

Recommendations for Operators of Government Buildings:

Set up – and keep up – a water management program (WMP) for your building water systems.

LAMPS allows you to:

  • Maintain consistency in your water management procedures from building to building
  • Audit each property’s WMP remotely
  • See each property’s WMP performance score
  • Manage building water systems smarter using LAMPS data storage, analytics, and reports
  • Easily store, organize, and find your WMP documentation