LAMPS Partners

HC Info offers three types of partnering related to our LAMPS cloud-based application:

Implementation (“WMP”) Partners help facilities set up water management programs (WMPs) and/or Data Analytics and Automation (DAA) in LAMPS. Most of our WMP Partners are water treatment companies, engineering firms, industrial hygiene firms, or consultants. WMP Partners must complete training, and they have access to HC Info’s technical support, but HC Info does not certify WMP Partners or guarantee the quality of their work. Approximately 100 companies are authorized LAMPS WMP Partners.

Integration Partners include laboratories that test water samples for Legionella and other pathogens, and companies with hardware or software related to sensor data, that integrate with LAMPS via their API or our API.

Referral Partners are professional societies, product manufacturers, or other organizations that set up special discounts on LAMPS for their members or customers.

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