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LAMPS Water Quality Benchmarking

What is water quality benchmarking, and why is it important?

Water quality benchmarking gives a comparison of key building water system performance metrics. Water quality benchmarking can be applied to one building (internal benchmarking), multiple buildings on a property, or to a portfolio of properties in a region or country.

Water quality benchmarking provides data that facilities management personnel can use to manage water systems better and more easily.

A good water quality benchmarking system can…

  • For building occupants, improve health, safety and wellness
  • For building owners, improve asset value, reliability, resiliency, brand equity, and sustainability

What is LAMPS Benchmark?

LAMPS Benchmark is an IoT cloud system for monitoring, analyzing, benchmarking, documenting, and reporting building water quality.

LAMPS Benchmark gives you insights, notifications, easy-to-understand reports, comparisons, and alerts for several key water quality parameters based on proprietary LAMPS algorithms and analytics applied to sensor data as well as sampling test results.

With LAMPS Benchmark, you can:

  • Improve wellness in your buildings
  • Be alerted to risks so you can mitigate issues before they cause problems
  • Reduce energy and equipment costs
  • Avoid mistakes that can lead to disease
  • Protect assets from corrosion and fouling

LAMPS also provides a convenient, secure, and organized place for storage of your water system documentation.

LAMPS Benchmark is available as a standalone solution or as an add-on to a water management plan (LAMPS Plan).

Your properties and portfolios are future-proofed with LAMPS Benchmark. As state regulations evolve, you can satisfy compliance by adding a comprehensive LAMPS water management plan to your LAMPS Benchmark system–seamlessly, with a click.

To learn more, request a demo or ask a question.

Get access to what you need




Security LAMPS security features have been scrutinized by many large organizations that are now customers trusting LAMPS with their data.
User management Add and delete users easily. Assign access to specific sites, with various permission levels.
Built-in training 100+ training notes (articles) right where you need them, for fast answers. Videos. Free and discounted courses. Training progress report for the entire team.
Document and data storage So your entire team has easy access, all in one place.
Activity logging Logs what section was changed, by which user.
Portfolio management Ensure consistency among your properties for various water system types. Access each property’s WMP quickly. See at a glance each property’s performance score which is based on key, objective, automated metrics.
Water management plan content Easy-to-customize defensible content so you can satisfy ASHRAE Standard 188, ASHRAE 514, regulations, and rigorous scrutiny. Control measures are written by an unbiased third party expert that sells no chemicals, equipment, or laboratory services. LAMPS is used by 1000s of professionals including health department personnel, facility engineers, and water experts. Flow diagram templates, samples, and tips are included.
WMP sustainability and success tools For your water management program (WMP) to be sustainable and successful, you must be able to easily implement the program AND prove it’s been implemented. LAMPS gives you tools for success - compliance reporting, documentation linking, automated performance scoring, control measure reports, updating notifications, and more.
Remote auditing tool A government agency, insurance carrier, or other third party can audit a LAMPS WMP to see whether it is comprehensive, up to date, and fully implemented. LAMPS algorithms and key metrics make it easy for both the facility and auditor. The audits can be performed remotely, in under 60 minutes, and without water management expertise. The audit report, automatically generated, provides key metrics that are objective, clear, and quantifiable (numerical). The facility can do a self audit to stay up to date and avoid surprises.
Sampling data analytics and reports Data entry forms, storage, analytics, and reports to better understand and respond to test results for Legionella and other pathogens, temperatures, disinfectants, and physiochemical parameters entered into LAMPS data forms.
IoT sensor data analytics and benchmarking Automated water quality monitoring saves time, makes compliance easier, and adds protection. Includes reports, notifications, and alerts. Does not include sensors or other hardware.
Device processing data for AAMI Standard ST108 Data entry, storage, and analytics for tests conducted manually, by labs, or with sensors.
Report for AAMI Standard ST108
Lab integration Automates the sending of sample data and receipt of test results, to save time and errors.
Intelligent domestic water insights Easy to understand report showing a comparison of multiple parameters based on LAMPS algorithms.