Legionella Training and Sampling Courses

Training on Legionella Sampling and Validating ASHRAE 188 Water Management Programs

Be ready to design a sampling program, collect samples for maximum information, and interpret results properly. Learn to validate a water management plan for ASHRAE 188. Enhance your credentials. Earn continuing education credit.




This is exactly what is needed. I will sure be recommending that industrial hygienists, water treaters and others getting into sampling for Legionella join your LAMPS program and take the courses!

Diane Miskowski, MPH

Legionella Program Manager, EMSL Analytical, Inc.

“The information was excellent for persons involved with Legionella sampling/management programs. I would definitely recommend this course.”

Jamie Glover

ALL-TECH Environmental Services Ltd., Newfoundland

Self-paced. Interactive. 24/7 access for 12 months. Includes downloadable worksheets and certificates upon completion.

Course 401: Sampling’s Proper Place in a Legionella Control Program

Get the right perspective on sampling and be able to articulate the purpose to others. Earn 0.10 CEU with the Water Quality Association (WQA). Approved for ASSE 12080. Allow 1 hour. $50.

  • Purpose of Sampling
  • Perspectives on sampling: Government agencies. Professional societies. Building operators.
  • Key considerations for building operators: Purpose. Role. Preparedness. Cost. Keys for success.




Course 402: Designing a Sampling Program to Evaluate Legionella Control

Set up a sampling program to properly validate a water management plan. Get the most reliable and useful data for your money. Earn 0.20 CEU with the Water Quality Association (WQA). Approved for ASSE 12080. Allow 2 hours. $129.

  • Selecting a Test Method
  • Selecting a Laboratory: Important criteria. Questions to ask perspective labs.
  • Getting Supplies
  • Deciding When to Sample
  • Deciding What to Sample: Air versus water. Water samples versus swabs. Systems and equipment to sample. Selecting faucet and showers to sample. Hot versus cold water. Pre-flush versus post-flush. Duplicate samples. Examples of four buildings. Subsequent sampling rounds.




Course 403: How to Collect Samples and Record Data for Legionella Testing

Get the details and tools you need. Train your personnel thoroughly, easily, and inexpensively. Use the handout as a tool for recording sampling data. Earn 0.20 CEU with the Water Quality Association (WQA). Approved for ASSE 12080. Allow 2 hours. $129.

  • Collecting Samples: Tips that apply to all water samples. Sodium Thiosulfate. Best and worst places to get a sample of the incoming water supply. Best way to collect samples from faucets, showers, ice machines, cooling towers, decorative fountains.  How to avoid three common mistakes made when collecting samples from water heaters. Options for faucets with filters. Collecting duplicate samples.
  • Recording Data: When and where. Key information to record for sample descriptions. Sample description abbreviations. Temperatures. Disinfectant levels. Examples.
  • Shipping Samples: Seven steps in packing and shipping samples.




Course 404: Interpreting Legionella Water Test Results and Responding Appropriately

Interpret Legionella test results confidentally and accurately. Make smarter decisions and recommendations. Earn 0.20 CEU with the Water Quality Association (WQA). Approved for ASSE 12080. Allow 2 hours. $129.

  • Deciphering Lab Reports: Terms and abbreviations. Quantitation. Detection limits. Legionella strains. Lab report examples.
  • Considering Legionella Concentrations, Positivity, and Strains: Overview. Thresholds. Limitations.
  • Tabulating Results for Easy Evaluation and Comparison
  • Making Smart Decisions Based on Test Results: General recommendations. Recommendations for specific equipment. Considering concentrations, positivity, strains, and three other factors for samples from plumbing systems. Avoiding mistakes.
  • Decision Making Examples for various building types.




Course 405: Monitoring Water Quality in Plumbing Systems

Allow 1 hour. This $97 course is currently available only to LAMPS members, at no charge.

Matt Freije discusses the following in the course video:

  • Water quality monitoring compliance requirements
  • Pros and cons of water quality monitoring versus Legionella testing
  • Where and what to monitor in a plumbing (domestic/potable water) system for smarter risk management and easier water management plan documentation
  • Benefit-versus-cost factors for various water quality parameters and system locations


“The pictures of systems with labels were extremely helpful, especially for someone like myself who rarely sees the configuration of water systems. Very practical – just an excellent course and series!”
Rebecca Doe, Seattle Children’s Hospital

“The course was outstanding. There is so much excellent material presented in an extremely clear and concise manner. An abundance of excellent points.”
A recently retired public health official

“Very thorough, and easy to follow. Excellent information!”
Matt Hatley, Garratt-Callahan

“I just went through the entire course and it is brilliant! Whatever you’re planning to charge for this course you could double it and your students would still be getting a bargain.”
A public health official

“Very high quality. Extremely educational and well put together. Excellent!”
Lane Thompson, Garratt-Callahan

“Very helpful for my job.”
Kenneth Combs, Garratt-Callahan

“This training is extremely well thought out. …very valuable.”
Helen Cerra, Technical Staff Consultant, ChemTreat

“Very good! Very helpful!”
Juan Torres, Garratt-Callahan

Maureen Klett, Traditions Management

“Very well done.”
Brock McCracken, Garratt-Callahan

“Very practical.”
Frederick Mesulama, Garratt-Callahan