Healthcare & Long-term Care Facilities Water Management Program

Healthcare & Long-term Care Facilities Water Management Program

When setting up a water management plan (WMP) in LAMPS, simply selecting “Hospital/Surgery Center/Clinic” or “Nursing Home” from a dropdown menu gives you policies and procedures specific to your facility type. You can then customize the content per your facility’s water systems and your preferences.

We understand you need to reduce the risk of Legionella and other pathogens and comply with CMS — on a very tight budget.

LAMPS gives you much more than a WMP document. If all you have is a document, you will have to figure out how to train your personnel to carry out the procedures, where to keep documentation records for easy access, and how to report your progress and performance to your administration. Updating a document can be time consuming, too, especially if several people provide input and make changes. If you oversee multiple hospitals, it’s even more complicated.

LAMPS gives you a WMP and helps you implement it. You get everything you need, all in one place, with tools that make training, updating, record keeping, analytics, and reporting easy — at no extra charge. You can even export routine procedures from LAMPS to an MS Excel file from which you can import to your facility management work order software.

If you oversee multiple hospitals, you can keep your policies consistent among them, reducing legal risk. You’ll see all the site names in one dashboard, with a “Quick Verification Status Report” of each hospital’s compliance.

Click here to see a diagram outlining steps to success with water management programs.

You can set up a WMP on your own in LAMPS, but we recommend hiring one of our authorized WMP Partners to do it for you.

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Heather Wilson

Senior Operations Analyst, CBRE Healthcare

Heather Wilson

Senior Operations Analyst, CBRE Healthcare

“LAMPS is an incredibly valuable resource

for all of our healthcare facilities. The platform is easy to learn and use and allows teams to organize all pertinent information in one centralized place. The training materials are in depth, helpful, and easy to find and the LAMPS customer service is exemplary – I always receive an immediate, friendly, and helpful response to questions or issues. LAMPS is a program that I highly recommend to all similar facilities!”

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