Building a Successful Legionella Risk Management Program

Prepare to comply with ASHRAE 188 and ASHRAE 514.

All 4 courses are approved for ASSE Standard 12080 Legionella certification training, and for continuing education units (CEUs) by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) and the Water Quality Association (WQA). Courses 101, 102, and 104 are required and approved for EOCP BWS Operator certification training.

Each certificate will include your name, the course title, and the approximate time required to complete the course.





“This course should be a requirement for anyone who is trying to prevent or eradicate Legionella from building water systems.”

Ken Juillet

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Course 101: Important Facts about Legionellosis and Legionella

Get a quick and solid foundation of Legionella facts. Required and approved for ASSE Standard 12080 Legionella certification training and EOCP Building Water System Operator certification training. Allow 108 minutes. $150

  • Legionella and Legionnaires’ disease
  • Overview of Legionella prevention strategy
  • History of guidelines, standards, and regulations
  • Key US guidelines, standards, and regulations




Course 102: Keys to Effective and Defensible Water Management Programs

Whether you are writing a management plan to comply with ASHRAE 188 or getting one developed for you, get a grasp on the foundational principles needed for success. Required and approved for ASSE Standard 12080 Legionella certification training and EOCP Building Water System Operator certification training. Allow 108 minutes. $150

  • Keys for a solid foundation
  • Keys for determining whether a plan is needed
  • Key components every water management plan should have
  • Key steps in developing and implementing your program
  • Key considerations in selecting validation methods




Course 103: How to Survey a Building for a Legionella Water Management Plan

Learn to survey a facility to gather water system information needed for a Legionella water management plan. Develop your skills. Get the right tools. Enhance your credentials. Includes a survey form and picture checklist. Required and approved for ASSE 12080. Allow 2 hours. $197

  • Overview of surveys and flow diagrams
  • Survey checklists: What to look for and write down for more than 20 types of water systems
  • Flow diagram examples
  • What to bring for performing the survey
  • What to photograph
  • Recording picture information
  • Picture checklists and examples




Course 104: Criteria for Building Water System Hazard Analysis & Control Measures

See a Legionella hazard analysis for many types of water systems. Understand key criteria for control measures. Learn to handle Legionella water management issues between owners and lessees. Required and approved for ASSE Standard 12080 Legionella certification training and EOCP Building Water System Operator certification training. Allow 60 minutes. $98

  • Hazard analysis: overview and examples
  • Key criteria for control measures
  • Arrangements between owners and lessees for control measures
  • Examples of monitoring, limits, and corrective action




Students have said...

“A lot of information for one course! Very Comprehensive. Excellent!”
Maureen Klett, Traditions Management

“Great course! Great program!”
Erica Eskins, Environmental Water, ltd.

“The illustrations with pictures and examples…are powerful teaching devices.”
Susheetha Reddy, Ashnute Services Inc.

“I understand more of [ASHRAE] 188 now than what I read on my own.”
Jack Walker, Water Tech Specialties, Inc. 

“Excellent. Easy to navigate.”
Brandon Norris, Guardian-IPCO

“Easy to follow.”
Janet Sebastian, Garratt-Callahan

“The material was well thought out and presented in an understandable format.”
Benjie Tyl, CBRE Healthcare

“I am doing all 14 modules and really enjoying the course, well done.”
Paul Endres, Sunshine Coast Public Health Unit

“A lot of good examples. The video for the description of flow diagrams was extremely helpful.”
Megan O’Brien, Pedco E & A Services, Inc.

“I found my self saying ‘Hmm, makes sense.’ Very clear and helpful.”
Robert Williams, A-Tech Consulting, Inc

“Excellent course, very informative, easy to understand, clear and direct to the point.”
Jose Valladares,
Garratt-Callahan Company

“Very informative. This will help develop our water safety plan.”
Jake Olson, Denver Health

“A must for any water treatment professional.”
Patrick Racine, P.Eng., CEM, Eldon Water, Inc.

“…this has helped ease some tension to provide information and expertise to our customers.”
Jonathan King, Triple Point Industries, LLC

“This course provides very useful tips and a step-by-step guide for developing a Plan. The design and platform of the course is user-friendly.”
Ben Lam, Hong Kong

“It gave me the data needed to further contribute to my clients’ needs and perhaps expand my business model.”
Donald M. Shure, CWT, Aquasure, Inc.

“Because of the training, I was able to discuss the subject confidently and answer questions competently. The knowledge I gained will be extremely helpful.”
Doug Johnson, CWT, LEED GA International Chemtex Corporation