LAMPS Training Bundle

LAMPS Training Bundle

$797 for 12 Months for up to 7 users

  • Quick answers on 100+ Legionella topics
  • Training videos
  • Free and discounted e-Learning courses

Includes the following for 12 months

Training Notes

Click-to answers on 100+ Legionella and water management topics including:

  • Whirlpool spas
  • Cleaning procedures for water heaters
  • Cross connections
  • Filters
  • Ice machines
  • Valves and pumps
  • Softeners
  • Testing disinfectant levels
  • Routine flushing
  • Balancing
  • Cooling tower components and maintenance
  • Humidifiers
  • Decorative fountains
  • Sampling
  • Arrangements between owners and lessees
  • Notification to residential tenants and condominium owners
  • Expansion tanks
  • Temporary shutdowns of building areas or plumbing systems
  • Heterotrophic plate count (HPC)
  • Heater-cooler devices
  • And more!

Free e-Learning Courses

Includes e-Learning Courses 321, 322, 323, 327, and 501 completely FREE at no charge, as well as Courses 101-105, 301, and 401-404 at 25% Off (Value of $730+ per person).



Links and references to background information on Legionnaires’ prevention.


  • ASHRAE Standard 188: Responsibilities, Liability, and Opportunities
  • Following ASHRAE 188 with Limited Time, Money, and Personnel: Pressure for Building Operators and Health Officials
  • Seven Keys for Success in Setting up a Water Management Program
  • Faucet Aerators and Legionella: Data and Factors to Consider
  • Lessons to Learn from UCSF Medical Center on Executing a Water Management Program
  • Interpreting Legionella Test Results: Case Studies to Illustrate Key Criteria
  • New York City Legionella Inspections: What’s Working and What’s Not
  • Crucial Limitations of Managing Building Water Systems Based on Legionella Amplification
  • Legionella Remediation: Checklist for Responding to Test Results


And…short answers (recorded live) to questions about…

  • Legionella Species
  • Legionella Concentration Thresholds
  • Faucet Filter Locations
  • Domestic Water Disinfection Technologies


Access to LAMPS-Only training webinars.

The LAMPS training bundle is free for individuals added to LAMPS in WMPs, Validation Data Analytics (VDA) sites, or partner centers. It’s a standalone product for health departments or others not needing a WMP.

Or see suggested training packages for plumbing engineers or health department personnel.

What Our Students Are Saying

“A lot of information for one course! Very Comprehensive. Excellent!”

– Maureen Klett, Traditions Management


“Exactly what is needed. I will sure be recommending that industrial hygienists, water treaters and others getting into sampling for Legionella join your LAMPS program and take the courses!!”

– Diane Miskowski, MPH, Legionella Subject Matter Expert, EMSL Analytical, Inc.


“HC Info’s LAMPS program is a great way for engineers to get a better understanding of how to mitigate Legionella growth in a plumbing system. The sessions had content that were good for entry level engineers all the way up to experienced engineers. I came away with a few different ideas of how I’d modify my design approach to further mitigate Legionella risk. Thanks again for being willing to work with our ASPE Chapter to get this much needed training to our members!”

– Christoph Lohr, PE, CPD, LEED AP BD+C, ASSE 6020


“This course should be a requirement for anyone who is trying to prevent or eradicate Legionella from building water systems.”

– Ken Juillet, Blue Earth Labs


“Great course! Great program!”

– Erica Eskins, Environmental Water, ltd.


“The illustrations with pictures and examples…are powerful teaching devices.”

– Susheetha Reddy, Ashnute Services Inc.


“I understand more of [ASHRAE] 188 now than what I read on my own.”

– Jack Walker, Water Tech Specialties, Inc.


“Excellent. Easy to navigate.”

– Brandon Norris, Guardian-IPCO


“Easy to follow.”

– Janet Sebastian, Garratt-Callahan



“The material was well thought out and presented in an understandable format.”

– Benjie Tyl, CBRE Healthcare


“I am doing all 14 modules and really enjoying the course, well done.”

– Paul Endres, Sunshine Coast Public Health Unit


“A lot of good examples. The video for the description of flow diagrams was extremely helpful.”

– Megan O’Brien, Pedco E & A Services, Inc.


“I found my self saying ‘Hmm, makes sense.’ Very clear and helpful.”

– Robert Williams, A-Tech Consulting, Inc


“Very well done.”

– Brock McCracken, Garratt-Callahan


“Very thorough, and easy to follow. Excellent information!”

– Matt Hatley, Garratt-Callahan



– Maureen Klett, Traditions Management


“Very good! Very helpful!”

– Juan Torres, Garratt-Callahan


“Very high quality. Extremely educational and well put together. Excellent!”

– Lane Thompson, Garratt-Callahan


“The pictures of systems with labels were extremely helpful, especially for someone like myself who rarely sees the configuration of water systems. Very practical- just an excellent course and series!”

– Rebecca Doe, Seattle Children’s Hospital


“Very practical.”

– Frederick Mesulama, Garratt-Callahan


“Very helpful for my job.”

– Kenneth Combs, Garratt-Callahan