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How to get the best value
If you are a facility operator or anyone else needing a Water Management Plan (WMP): Get LAMPS WMP+Training — so you’ll have control measures for your facility type in a ready-to-use format, with built-in documentation and training tools — and then the e-Learning courses (see below) that each team member needs, at discounted prices. Order

If you are a health department employee, consultant, water treatment professional, engineer, industrial hygienist, or anyone else who does not need a WMP: Get a LAMPS Training Bundle so your team access to online training content and webinars, and then the e-Learning courses pertinent to your jobs, at the discounts listed below. Order

e-Learning Courses
The prices listed below include 12 months’ access online 24/7. Take the courses at your own pace, on your schedule, and get a certificate immediately after you finish. Click on the series titles for more information. Order

Price LAMPS Price*
Series: “Building a Successful Legionella Risk Management Program”
101: Important Facts about Legionellosis and Legionella $59 25% off
102: Keys to Effective and Defensible Legionella Water Management Programs $125 25% off
103: How to Survey a Building for a Legionella Water Management Plan $197 25% off
104: Criteria for Building Water System Hazard Analysis & Control Measures $98 25% off
B101-104: Bundle price for courses 101-104 $397 25% off
Series: “Designing, Operating, and Maintaining Building Water Systems to Minimize Legionella Risk”
301: Water Temperatures and Legionella in Plumbing Systems $197 25% off
321: Building Water Systems 101 $97 free
322: Preventing Legionnaires’ Disease in New Buildings: Key Measures During Design and Construction $97 free
323: Responding to Incidents and Managing Temporary Shutdowns to Minimize Legionella Risk Associated with Plumbing Systems $97 free
327: Stagnation in Plumbing Systems: Smart Solutions to Five Common Problems $97 free
Series: “Sampling Water Systems to Validate Legionella Control”
401: Sampling’s Proper Place in a Legionella Control Program $78 25% off
402: Designing a Sampling Program to Evaluate Legionella Control $129 25% off
403: How to Collect Samples and Record Data for Legionella Testing $129 25% off
404: Interpreting Legionella Water Test Results and Responding Appropriately $129 25% off
B401-404: Bundle price for courses 401-404 $387 25% off

* LAMPS user prices are available to LAMPS training members, WMP partner employees, and members of WMP teams.


Group Discounts on e-Learning Courses

You can purchase courses for multiple students, assign courses to them, and review a progress report for any student assignee who’s part of your LAMPS WMP team, partner team, or training subscription. Discounted prices on a course for 10 or more students:

5% off for 10 to 19 students
10% off for 20 to 39 students
25% off for 40 to 99 students
40% off for 100 to 199 students
50% off for 200 or more students

You can get both the User and Volume discounts. The volume discounts are applied after the user discount.


“This course [101-104] should be a requirement for anyone who is trying to prevent or eradicate Legionella from building water systems.” Ken Juillet

Blue Earth Labs

“‘Water Temperatures and Legionella in Plumbing Systems’ is a must-view for facility managers.” Timothy Allinson


“[Courses 401-404] is exactly what is needed. I will sure be recommending that industrial hygienists, water treaters and others getting into sampling for Legionella join your LAMPS program and take the courses!!” Diane Miskowski

MPH, Legionella Program Manager, EMSL Analytical, Inc.