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Training Approved for New ASSE Legionella Certification Standard

Seattle (October 22, 2020) – HC Info’s ASSE 12080 course bundle is the first go-at-your-own-pace training approved to meet the educational requirements of ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Standard 12080, the new Professional Qualifications Standard for Legionella Water Safety and Management Personnel in the United States.

“We commend ASSE International for its leadership in establishing the first ever certification program in the United States for people involved in managing the risk of Legionella associated with building water systems,” said Matt Freije, CEO of HC Info, “and we are honored to be a part of it.”

Marianne Waickman, professional qualifications director at ASSE, clarified that the ASSE 12080 Legionella Water Safety and Management Specialist certification is not just for individuals providing Legionella-related services, but also for facilities management and other personnel who have key roles on water management program (WMP) teams. “Training and certification are important elements in having qualified professionals participating on water management teams.”

ASSE 12080 Legionella certification will enhance the credentials of building and property management personnel, plumbing and HVAC contractors and engineers, industrial hygienists, infection preventionists, water treatment specialists, health department personnel, and others involved in Legionella prevention. As indicated by pending Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1285, Legionella certification could even become a requirement for certain roles.

Anyone can become ASSE-12080 certified by completing 24 hours of approved education and then passing the ASSE-proctored exam.

Only two schools have been approved to provide training meeting the educational requirements of ASSE 12080. One provides live training in classrooms and via Zoom. HC Info, the other approved school, offers online courses that are available 24/7 and can be taken at the student’s pace via the company’s proprietary cloud-based WMP software, “LAMPS.”

HC Info’s ASSE 12080-approved training is broken down into 14 onlines courses that vary in length from 1 to 2.5 hours each. The first four courses are part of the series Building a Successful Legionella Risk Management Program. The next five are on designing, operating, and maintaining building water systems to minimize Legionella risk. Four courses are part of the series Sampling Water Systems to Validate Legionella Control. The last course is titled “Remediation Roadmap for Legionella: Comprehensive Step-by-Step Response Plan.”

HC Info is offering the ASSE-12080 course bundle for $925, which is half off the price of purchasing each course individually. Additional discounts are available to health departments and existing LAMPS members. The ASSE 12080 online exam is taken through ASSE, for an additional $140.

After finishing HC Info’s ASSE 12080 courses, David Crow, the Business Development Manager for Garratt-Callahan Company’s Water Safety Group, said, “I found the HC Info course material very relevant, helpful, and [it] added to my knowledge base. Being able to take the courses at my own pace was a big benefit. Saved a tremendous amount of money in airfare, motels, restaurants… and my time.”

For more information, see HC Info Training.

About HC Info. HC Info is the provider of LAMPS, the award-winning cloud-based application for water management program (WMP) creation, documentation, analytics, reporting, auditing, and training. LAMPS is used for WMPs in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and other large buildings to minimize the risk of disease caused by Legionella and other pathogens — and to stay in compliance with ASHRAE 188, CMS QSO-17-30, and regulations. LAMPS is used by facilities management personnel, professionals providing Legionella-related services, and health departments.


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