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Four Key Warnings About COVID-19 and Building Water Systems

The new government, scientific, and industry publications on COVID-19 and building water systems (see “Further Reading” below)—hundreds of pages counting the papers referenced in them—boil down to four key warnings: 1. Prevent viruses, gases, and other airborne...

Could ASHRAE 514 Increase Legionnaires’ Disease?

What do you think is the primary reason Legionnaires' disease has not decreased since the outbreak in Philadelphia — 43 years ago this week — that led to its discovery? A. Agreement on a strategy for preventing Legionnaires' disease has not been reached. B....

The Role of HPC in Water Management Programs

Updated on 6/24/19 The World Health Organization (WHO) defines “heterotrophs” as micro-organisms that require organic carbon for growth and Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC) as colony counts using a simple, culture test on an organic carbon medium (WHO 2017). The...

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