Water Management Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Water Management Plan (WMP) Frequently Asked Questions

Why implement a Water Management Plan (WMP)?
  • To reduce risk of disease for your employees, guests, patients, and residents
  • To reduce your legal risk
  • To protect your organization’s image and revenue
  • To comply with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188
How does a WMP reduce risk?
It helps you operate and maintain plumbing systems, cooling towers, decorative fountains, hot tubs, and other building water systems to minimize Legionella and other harmful bacteria.
What’s in the LAMPS WMP Platform?
The Platform has tools to help you configure your WMP, document your control measures, verify your WMP, host your WMP-related documents, train your team members, and generate status reports.
Is our data safe on your server?

The LAMPS WMP Platform is on a dedicated (not shared) server. We utilize state-of-the-art backup and security features.

What steps are involved in setting up a WMP in the Platform?
The first step is to use the templates we provide to construct simple flow diagrams and gather information on your water systems. After that, follow the step-by-step process of entering the facility information. The rest of the WMP is automatically generated for you, but you can edit sections to your liking. You can then add documentation and verification information to your control measures, following the tips we provide.
How much time does it take to configure a WMP in the LAMPS platform?
Constructing flow diagrams is the most time consuming task. It can take from two to four hours or even longer depending on the complexity of the facility. However, constructing flow diagrams is also the most liked part of the process because it’s hugely beneficial and even kind of fun. After gathering the water system information and constructing flow diagrams, it only takes an hour or two to enter the data into the Platform.
What expertise is required to set up a WMP in the Platform?
A basic understanding of water systems. If you can identify the points where your water supply taps into a City main, enters the buildings, and is heated, softened, or treated, then you know enough to configure a WMP using our Platform. Understanding basic plumbing (e.g., backflow preventer; pressure reducing valve) and cooling tower (e.g., drift eliminator) components is also helpful. The Platform includes a video describing water system flow and components. Our training course 103, on site surveys, is also included for one team member.
What if we get stuck and need help configuring our WMP?
For an additional fee, HC Info or one of our WMP Partners can assist you in constructing flow diagrams, entering water system data, or setting up documentation, verification, and validation.
Can someone set up the WMP in the Platform for us?
Yes. One of our WMP Partners can do it all for you: Survey your site, construct your flow diagrams, enter your water system information into the Platform, and help you set up documentation, verification, and validation. However, you should be involved in the process so that you will fully understand the WMP and be ready to implement it.
How much does the WMP Platform cost?
$1497 a year per WMP.
Why is the price the same for subsequent years?

We keep the price low for the first year. Although establishing a WMP for the first time is important, the LAMPS WMP platform is for much more than that. The documentation, reporting, and training tools are designed to save you time and make it easier to implement the plan. You also get our updating service.

If I pay by credit card, will I automatically be charged for a renewal?

No. Your subscription will automatically cancel after one year if you do not renew.

Are discounts available for multiple properties?
Yes. Discounts are available for 5 or more WMPs. We have about 10 pricing categories from 5 to 1000+ WMPs. Click here to request a price for 5+ WMPs.
When does the one-year period start?
The timer starts when you activate the WMP in the platform, not when you purchase, so you can purchase now and start your WMP later without losing any access time.
What happens if we do not renew after the first year?
If you decide the WMP hosting, control measure updates, documentation and reporting tools, and LAMPS training is not worth the yearly fee, you may cancel at any time and continue using the PDF version of your WMP for the one site.
What are our payment options?
For 1 to 4 WMPs, we ask that you pay by credit card. For 5+ WMPs, we will invoice you after you order. Be sure to write the invoice number on your check. You will get access to the platform after we receive payment.
Can we put all the buildings on our campus in one WMP?
Yes. Only one WMP is needed for a campus with several buildings as long as they are managed by the same personnel.
We have several buildings that are all the same type and about the same size but they are located in different areas. Can we put all the buildings in one WMP?
No. Buildings located on different sites/properties should have separate WMPs even if the buildings are similar in size and type and located in the same city.
How should we handle leasehold interests?

It varies case by case. We discuss it in one of our courses and also in a LAMPS training note. In short, the ultimate objective is to ensure the building water systems are properly managed. Sometimes that requires only a meeting or phone call between the parties from time to time. In other cases, attorneys need to draw up contracts. Ideally, both the landlord and tenant will properly manage the water systems over which they have maintenance responsibility.

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As an attorney and consultant to the insurance industry on water management programs and underwriting the risk of Legionella, we have found the WMPs developed by HC Info to meet all the requirements of both the insured and the insurance company. The plans are cost competitive, comprehensive, and meet the regulatory as well as the user requirements.

Russell Nassof


“Due to a recent property assignment acquisition and facing newly enacted state requirements, we were left with very a limited time-frame to complete a cooling tower water management plan. I am grateful to have discovered HC Info, and thankful to our contractor for having recommended it. The [LAMPS WMP Platform] site made plan development simple and efficient. There were no complications along the way.”

Kevin Ullrich, LEED Green Associate

Property Manager, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.

"Completed the WMP, went very well. Found it very user friendly and easy to navigate. Definitely would recommend it. The class was also very helpful."

Bill Tighe

Chief Engineer, Disney Times Square Studios, New York City

"Our facility worked with HC Info to create a water management plan that was evidence based, credible, and cost effective. The process was extremely efficient, easy to complete, and the HC Info team was incredibly easy to work with and available to address any questions or concerns."

Katie Cary MPH, MT (ASCP), CIC

Infection Prevention Manager, Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center & Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL