Why HC Info?

  1. Expertise in Legionella control. Since 1995, we have assessed hundreds of buildings, reviewed thousands of Legionella water test results, and solved a lot of Legionella problems. We have been writing water management plans since 2000. Control measures are the critical part of a Legionella risk management plan because they are what actually prevent disease. The objective is to take reasonable, effective, responsible, evidence-based, defensible steps to minimize risk, without overspending.
  2. Understanding of your legal risk. Matt Freije has served as an expert in more than 60 Legionella-related lawsuits. We are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice but understand how the selection of Legionella control measures can affect your legal risk.
  3. Unbiased objectivity. We sell no chemicals, equipment, or laboratory services. You can trust our recommendations without wondering about ulterior motives.
  4. Track record. In a 2014 Dun & Bradstreet survey, our clients gave a score of 95 or higher (out of 100) in all ten categories.
  5. Web-based application for easy WMP configuration, editing, navigation, documentation, reporting, and training. Getting a good WMP is just the first step. Implementing is what actually reduces risk. Our LAMPS WMP Platform makes it easy.
  6. Credibility recognized by outside sources. Professionals worldwide subscribe to our newsletter, attend our webinars, purchase our publications, participate in LAMPS Training, and take our e-learning courses including facility operators, health officials, water treatment specialists, infection preventionists, risk managers, safety consultants, and industrial hygienists.
  7. Technicians throughout the United States. We have a network of WMP Partners throughout the United States and in several other countries. They can help facilities develop and implement WMPs.
  8. Built-in peer review. Several water treatment professionals, engineers, and industrial hygienists — some of the top water experts in the world — regularly use our WMPs to serve their customers. It keeps us sharp! If anything in our WMPs is incorrect or needs improvement, we are sure to find out quickly! The wide support and constant “peer review” will make your WMP more credible and defensible.
  9. Price and value. We can provide high quality and low prices because of focus, experience, efficiency, and automation.

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As an attorney and consultant to the insurance industry on water management programs and underwriting the risk of Legionella, we have found the WMPs developed by HC Info to meet all the requirements of both the insured and the insurance company. The plans are cost competitive, comprehensive, and meet the regulatory as well as the user requirements.

Russell Nassof


“Due to a recent property assignment acquisition and facing newly enacted state requirements, we were left with very a limited time-frame to complete a cooling tower water management plan. I am grateful to have discovered HC Info, and thankful to our contractor for having recommended it. The [LAMPS WMP Platform] site made plan development simple and efficient. There were no complications along the way.”

Kevin Ullrich, LEED Green Associate

Property Manager, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.

"Completed the WMP, went very well. Found it very user friendly and easy to navigate. Definitely would recommend it. The class was also very helpful."

Bill Tighe

Chief Engineer, Disney Times Square Studios, New York City

"Our facility worked with HC Info to create a water management plan that was evidence based, credible, and cost effective. The process was extremely efficient, easy to complete, and the HC Info team was incredibly easy to work with and available to address any questions or concerns."

Katie Cary MPH, MT (ASCP), CIC

Infection Prevention Manager, Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center & Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL