LAMPS WMP Platform Features


Smart Portfolio Management
In your dashboard, see a “Quick Control Measure Verification Report” indicator for each of your properties. Click to go to any property WMP. Give individual employees access only to the properties they manage. LAMPS makes it easy to keep maintenance procedures consistent across all your properties, reducing your risk.


Flexible User Management
Set up and delete team members easily. Give “configuration” permission only to those authorized to change water system information and control measures. Assign roles. Only the “Purchaser” has authority to activate WMPs and order renewals.


Easy Editing and Updating
Edit the WMP as you wish—maintenance measures, schedules, administrative text, etc. If you want to go back to our default text, or see what we’ve updated since you last saved your plan, you can. With the click of a button, you can see control measures we’ve added since your plan was set up, and activate the ones you want to implement.


Smart Security Features
We implement security and back-up features that satisfy even our most demanding governmental and institutional customers. Because LAMPS is used by US government entities, it was approved for Microsoft Azure Government cloud hosting, which is only for US federal, state, local, and tribal agencies and their partners. Azure Government is engineered to meet or exceed the critical requirements for government workloads, has Level 5 DoD approval, a strict validation program, residency in the continental United States, geo-replication between data centers 500 miles apart, and 24×7 monitoring. Azure Government maintains compliance with several strict regulations including HIPAA, FedRAMP, DoD, IRS 1075, NIST 800-171, and Section 508. The LAMPS application has strict security features as well, including log-in only access with HTTPS, no storage of credit card or other financial information, Comodo SSL certification with RSA-2048 encryption and a $250,000 warranty to protect online customer purchases, and encryption of data in and out using TLS 1.2 with 256-bit AES encryption.


Configuration Tools
LAMPS makes it easy to configure an effective, thorough, and credible WMP with only a basic understanding of your building’s water systems. We provide flow diagram samples and templates, instructional videos, clickable tips, a survey form for gathering information, and training notes. Just follow the step-by-step instructions.


Defensible Hazard Analysis and Control Measures
You do not need to be a Legionella expert to use the WMP. We do the heavy lifting, providing a hazard analysis and recommended control measures based on the water system and facility information you enter. You can edit our default recommendations or use them as is. You can also add your own.


Content per ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015
The WMP includes an overview, management strategy, validation procedures, steps for responding to Legionnaires’ disease, water system information, hazard analysis, and control measures. You can edit the text and frequencies or use them as is.


Easy Viewing and Printing
Viewing your WMP in LAMPS is easy and fast. Navigate to any section with a click. Add (optionally) a page with your branding. Generate a handsome, printable PDF.


Time-Saving Documentation Tools
Customers have told us the LAMPS documentation tools alone justify the annual fee. They save you time and make your job easier. Downloadable logs are provided for cooling tower inspections and much more. Upload your completed logs, vendor reports, and lab reports so they’re easy to find and accessible with a click.


Databases for Logging and Interpreting Test Results
Enter your Legionella test results, chlorine readings, and temperature measurements into LAMPS using easy drop-down menus. View results over date ranges. Generate detailed summary reports, with break downs.


Analytics for Smart Remediation
Robust analytics for chlorine, Legionella, and temperature results can allow you to solve problems faster and at much lower cost.

Built-In Training Notes and Videos
Your WMP will be effective only if you implement it well. The LAMPS videos, 90+ Legionella training articles, online courses, and clickable tips help your team be successful. Participate in free live webinars for continuing education and awareness. Watch free videos on Legionella control measures. The training you need, when you need it.


Quick Reports for Control Measure Verification Status
The control measures verification status report graph shows you at a glance the percentage of control measures that are “okay” (green), “due soon,” (yellow), or “overdue” (red). A table with the report gives you the details, with a breakdown, so you know where to go to get up to date.


Auditing and Regulatory Reporting Tools
Go through our WMP auditing steps to check your progress. Download forms for reporting to New York City and New York State. Upload your current compliance documents so you can quickly “put your hands on them” when requested by health officials, Joint Commission, CMS, or your boss.


Team Meeting Notes Section
Document your team meeting notes to maintain good communication and keep track of your progress, decisions, and to-do list.

"The LAMPS software was a godsend for us."

Jonathan Lewis

Klickitat Valley Health

As an attorney and consultant to the insurance industry on water management programs and underwriting the risk of Legionella, we have found the WMPs developed by HC Info to meet all the requirements of both the insured and the insurance company. The plans are cost competitive, comprehensive, and meet the regulatory as well as the user requirements.

Russell Nassof


“Due to a recent property assignment acquisition and facing newly enacted state requirements, we were left with very a limited time-frame to complete a cooling tower water management plan. I am grateful to have discovered HC Info, and thankful to our contractor for having recommended it. The [LAMPS WMP Platform] site made plan development simple and efficient. There were no complications along the way.”

Kevin Ullrich, LEED Green Associate

Property Manager, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.

"Completed the WMP, went very well. Found it very user friendly and easy to navigate. Definitely would recommend it. The class was also very helpful."

Bill Tighe

Chief Engineer, Disney Times Square Studios, New York City

"Our facility worked with HC Info to create a water management plan that was evidence based, credible, and cost effective. The process was extremely efficient, easy to complete, and the HC Info team was incredibly easy to work with and available to address any questions or concerns."

Katie Cary MPH, MT (ASCP), CIC

Infection Prevention Manager, Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center & Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at P/SL