Job Opening: Business Operations Leader

HC Info is the provider of “LAMPS,” an award-winning SaaS application used to reduce the risk of disease caused by harmful bacteria in the water systems of large buildings like hospitals and hotels. Building management personnel, water treatment companies, consultants, and health departments use LAMPS for water management plans, data analytics, and training.

HC Info is based in Seattle. All our team members work remotely.

We believe in the value of LAMPS and want more people to use it successfully. We are looking for a full-time Business Operations Leader (BOL) to help us grow and scale. The BOL will have a ground-floor opportunity for a key role in our small but growing company, working closely with our CEO.


The BOL will need to wear multiple hats, and the role could evolve and expand as the company scales. Our initial expectations are for the BOL to:

  • Help us scale our operations, setting up systems and processes.
  • Coordinate much of our business operations.
  • Improve customer engagement, success, and satisfaction.


  • Plan and manage the scaling of key business operations.
  • Manage support team response to business-related questions.
  • Oversee and coordinate marketing activities.
  • Participate in software testing.

This position might be a great fit for you if:

  • You have had at least 7 years of success in a business operations role for a company providing SaaS.
  • You think like a business owner.
  • You can get things done without being given a roadmap, process, or direction.
  • You know a lot about business apps (e.g., Dropbox, Google Workspace, Basecamp, Freshdesk, HR software).

To inquire, email your resume and/or LinkedIn URL to [email protected].