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Legionnaires Disease | FAQ


What are the long-term side effects of Legionnaires’ disease?

Even if Legionnaires’ disease is diagnosed and successfully treated, the survivor may be significantly affected for many years or even the rest of his or her life. A follow-up study (Lettinga 2002) of 122 survivors of an outbreak in the Netherlands found:

  • Fatigue in 75% of patients
  • Neurologic symptoms in 66%
  • Neuromuscular symptoms in 63%
  • Posttraumatic stress disorder in 15%
  • Health-related quality of life > 1.5 years

According to Victor L. Yu, MD, an infectious disease specialist and Legionnaires’ disease expert, “As with any acute illness, patients who recover from Legionnaires’ disease can suffer long term side effects. The most common are fatigue and lack of energy for several months.”

To see first-hand accounts of people who have survived Legionnaires’ disease or lost loved ones to it, see Quotes from Legionnaires Disease Survivors.

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