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“Building a Successful Legionella Risk Management Program”

Online courses 101-104. Whether you are a facility engineer, infection preventionist, or safety director–or a professional offering services–these courses will add to your knowledge, confidence, and credentials regarding water management. Click here to learn more.

April 30th Webinar: ASHRAE 188P: What to Know About the Latest Draft

Thursday, April 30, 2015 • 8:00-9:00 AM Pacific • $14 (Free for LAMPS members) Matt Freije will give an overview of the fifth draft of ASHRAE 188P including types of buildings and systems, essential water management program components, and control measures. He will also discuss the cost of implementation and then take questions from the audience. Register Now

May 14th Webinar: Legionella Update and Q&A

Thursday, May 14 • 8:00 AM Pacific (11:00 ET) • For LAMPS members only, at no charge Matt Freije will answer questions submitted during the webinar or emailed before it and briefly discuss Legionella-related news. The Q&As are a fun and easy way to stay informed about prevention strategies, technology, and opportunities. Click here for more information.

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Update on ASHRAE 188P

ASHRAE took comments on changes made in the fifth draft of ASHRAE 188P, “Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems” for a 30-day period ending April 12th. As with previous drafts of 188P, the basic strategy outlined for reducing risk is to implement a... read more

Water Temperatures and Legionella

At the first glance, guidelines may lead engineers and facility operators to conclude that controlling Legionella bacteria in plumbing systems can be accomplished long-term by simply raising water heater temperatures. As with any solution that appears easy and cheap,... read more