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October 22 Webcast:
Legionella Q&A

Thursday, October 22, 8:00-9:00 AM PST (11:00-12:00 EST), For LAMPS members only Matt Freije will answer questions submitted by the live audience as well as questions recently asked in webinars or sent by email, including ones about water systems hazard analysis, ongoing documentation for water management plans, and best practices for communicating Legionnaires' disease or Legionella findings with building occupants. Register Now.

November 3 Webcast:
Seven Keys for Success
in Setting up a Water Management Program

Tuesday, November 3, 8:00-9:00 AM PST (11:00-12:00 EST), $27 (Free for LAMPS members) If your water management program is not built on a solid foundation, it will be ineffective, too expensive, or both. Join us to hear Matt Freije discuss seven crucial decisions for a successful program.  Register Now.

Free Webinar Recording: ANSI/ASHRAE 188-2015: Responsibilities, Liability, and Opportunities

On August 18th, Matt Freije gave an overview of the requirements of ANSI/ASHRAE 188-2015 for building operators, designers, and contractors and discussed potential liability and opportunities associated with water management plans. Get the recording.

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Potential Impact of ASHRAE 188

On June 26th, ASHRAE 188P dropped the “P” and became ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015. What will be its impact on cases of Legionnaires’ disease, the number of lawsuits and litigation related to the disease, laws, and water-related products and services?

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