LAMPS Analytics for Legionella, Disinfectant, and Temperature Data

Most hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and other facilities that test for Legionella make poor use of the results…

  • Some do too little, missing opportunities to prevent disease.
  • Others waste money on unnecessary, temporary, or totally ineffective measures
  • And many just retest, hoping the results will get better.

To manage water systems well — without overspending — Legionella results must be evaluated comprehensively, along with temperature and disinfectant data.

Robust analytics can expose root problems and best solutions. LAMPS Analytics makes it easy for you to:

  • Easily review 15+ data sets for Legionella, disinfectant, and temperature data — in both summary tables and colorful graphs — before making important and potentially costly decisions about building water system management.
  • Compare buildings and systems
  • Look at trends over selected date ranges to evaluate changes (e.g., in disinfection strategies, piping or equipment, or city water treatment)
  • Impress your bosses with fancy performance graphs!

LAMPS Analytics makes you look smarter.

We recommend you hire one of our Sampling Partners to set up LAMPS Analytics for your facility. Although you could do it on your own, our experienced partners can save you time. After the initial set-up, you can use LAMPS Analytics easily on your own – you do not need to have a consultant interpret the data for you. And, data entry in LAMPS is intuitive and quick.

Don’t buy LAMPS Analytics if you already have a WMP in LAMPS, because LAMPS WMPs include the analytics. If you manage a facility but do not have a WMP in LAMPS, click here to purchase LAMPS Analytics.

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