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Legionnaires Disease Associated With Dental Water Lines

In February 2012, The Lancet reported the first confirmed case of Legionnaires' disease associated with dental water lines. The patient, an 82-year-old woman in Rome, died just two days after she was diagnosed despite heavy antibiotic treatment. In the 2 to 10 days...

Responding to Incidents That Could Contaminate Plumbing Systems

Outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease have been associated with situations – water main breaks, construction, opening of backup water feeds – that have presumably sent contaminants into a building domestic (potable) water system or dislodged biofilm from piping. Such...

Quotes From Legionnaires’ Disease Survivors

Updated on 6/15/19 "I went to sleep on May 4, hardly able to breathe. That's pretty much all I remember until I woke up on June 3rd. My wife advised me I was on life support for almost a month and it looked very grim at times. This disease almost killed me." T.C. "I...

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