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Smarter Legionella Remediation in Plumbing Systems:

Analytics that Expose Root Problems and Best Solutions

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Thursday, November 16th

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Smart analytics uncover the root of problems

Staff at many hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, and other facilities have made crucial mistakes in responding to Legionella test results for samples collected from their plumbing systems. Some have missed opportunities to implement minor changes that could have prevented Legionnaires' disease. Others have spent much more money than necessary on remediation – without even solving the problem.  

Analytics for Legionella, disinfectant, and temperature results can give you better success in managing water systems. Smart analytics uncover the root of problems so you can solve them in less time, at lower cost. They can also provide a picture of your good performance!  

In this 60-minute webcast, Matt Freije will briefly discuss keys to gathering reliable data (sampling) and interpreting Legionella test results and then explain 15 specific data sets to review before making important and potentially costly decisions about building water system management.  

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